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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mystery Missiles and Airplane Contrails

Hard to watch this Titan missile launch and believe that the contrail over LA last month was a missile of any kind. For one thing, a Titan is a BIG missile and it disappeared within a minute or two. The KCBS footage followed for several minutes (they only showed a short bit, but the cameraman said he watched for over 10 minutes - no way he could have maintained visual on a rocket/missile for 10 minutes).

My question is this: Why didn't the media just dig up some footage like this and show it by way of explanation? Instead, they dig up a bunch of kooks who didn't appear to know what the hell they were talking about! A picture's worth a thousand words. Video is worth hundreds of thousands of words.

Here's a bit of the original footage that KCBS cameraman Gil Leyvas shot along with some analysis:

That looks reasonable to me. Funny how the "missile conspiracy" was all over the place, but I had to DIG to come up with a logical explanation. Sad society. We buy into anything that's sold to us as a big, scary conspiracy but the boring ol' rational answers don't get much airplay because we don't want to hear that.

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  1. Note that this video was shot in October - in California, very near the same geographic location as the LA "missile" siting and very nearly the same time of year (which would suggest a likelihood that the air was roughly the same temperature/humidity at altitude).