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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Unemployment and Population Growth

While the job growth would be an improvement from October, when the economy added just 80,000 jobs, it's still barely enough to keep pace with population growth,

In that case, here's a thought: SLOW POPULATION GROWTH to match the demand for employees! The "necessity" of growth is a farce foisted on the rest of us by the few (i.e. 1%) at the top of the pyramid. With advances in technology and productivity, we should all be working 30-hour weeks with ample vacation and sick leave while enjoying a lifestyle at least as good as the one our parents enjoyed.

Not to mention that with a stabilization of population we might actually be able to educate the kids we're bringing into the world. No judgement as I'm sure all of the folks in that photo are perfectly nice people, but none of them look like they're overeducated. If we weren't constantly crowding more and more kids into our schools I can't help but believe that we could do a better job of preparing kids for the jobs we actually do need to fill.

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