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Friday, December 16, 2011

Football Just Ain't That Important

While I've had a considerable change of attitude toward them, I've generally always thought of sports as a waste of time. Tonight I was doing some web surfing (looking for some obscure boxer, as fate would have it) and I found these two blog entries on separate legal blog sites:


It’s really just plain sad that there are people in this country – people with educations and lives and professions and presumably brains – who, in spite of their advantages, still think that college football matters. It’s one thing for some poor, uneducated, underemployed slob with no prospects of ever being much more in life than a fan of one team or another to devote a substantial portion of his attention to a school sport – even if said fan has never stepped foot on any college campus for any reason other than football. But, when college graduates with respected positions in the community put this much emphasis on a game played by children I understand how and why our country has sunk to its present condition. It makes me want to either weep uncontrollably or laugh. Or both.

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