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Friday, November 11, 2011

Why Are You Picking on Sandusky?

Forget about any alleged victims in the Penn State sex scandal for just a moment and consider a far larger problem. We don't even really know that there were any victims. But, it's pretty clear that there's a problem. Unfortunately, nobody seems to see it. Probably because it involves looking in a mirror.

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is NOT the problem. Joe Paterno is NOT the problem. The now former president of Penn State Graham Spanier is not the problem. Assistant coach Mike McQueary is not the problem, either.

The problem is us. (To include both Alabama and Auburn fans.)

Sure, it sounds like Mr. Sandusky broke some laws. But, focusing on his alleged misdeeds is really just a very convenient excuse for us to overlook the real problem.

Sure, it sounds like at least a handful of people were aware of or were made aware of Sandusky's activities and took no action or, worse, took action to cover for Sandusky. If you're focused on that, you're just going for the low-hanging fruit.

There's plenty of blame to go around beyond just those guys. How about the DA who knew about Sandusky as far back as 1996 but declined to press any charges?

How about Sandusky's family and his entire entourage at the 1999 Alamo Bowl? Think about it. At what point during an event like that would a coach have time to sexually assault someone without anyone being just the slightest bit suspicious? Maybe it's just me, but I usually have to shut two doors in my own house to get 10 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time on the throne.

How about the school that let Sandusky take at least one alleged victim out of school - apparently on a fairly regular basis? And, the school didn't notify the parent(s)? Really? Then, when the mother of a victim expressed concerns, the school merely banned Sandusky from the school district. They didn't go to the police, either, apparently.

For that matter, what about the parents? I'm not saying this is all their fault, but if you want to spread some blame around let's be honest about it. Shouldn't these parents have perhaps been a little more directly involved in their kids' lives - at least enough to know that their sons were spending an unusual amount of time alone in the showers at an otherwise nearly empty football facility?

Heck, people. If you're that determined to overlook the real problem here, let's go all the way and ask why the victims didn't come forward sooner.

I don't blame any of those people. I don't even blame Sandusky if you want to get right down to it. WE enabled him, protected him, and defended him all along. All in the name of college football. A game. A game which contributes nothing to society or to the educational process of our universities. It is well-established that college sports are not profitable, so you don't even get to argue that, "Football brings millions of dollars to the school." Well, yeah. It does. But, football uses up every dime it brings in and more to fund scholarships, build stadiums, and pay lavish salaries to huge coaching staffs.

The real guilty parties behind the Penn State football sex scandal and all the other scandals we've read about over the past several years are the fans who support college football as though football actually means something.

Here's something to consider, folks. Does the outcome of a game, played by kids, under the aegis of a university that you very likely didn't even attend, matter so much to you that an entire university should cover for a child rapist to make sure "your" team wins? If so, you've got nothing on Jerry Sandusky.


  1. WOW.... incredible... granted there are many people who dropped the ball here, but WHY on earth is Sandusky made out to be the victim just as much as the kids and it'e everyone else fault??????????? REALLY?????????? I want to rip this guy to shreds.... I'm definitely not happy with the cowards that let it go on.... ALL of them!!!!!! but Sandusky should be the top name in the scandal, not coaches, not school president, the DEVIL himself, SANDUSKY!!!!!

  2. I think you may have missed the point here. Try re-reading.

  3. no, I get the point.... there are MANY others guilty of lots of things related to this all going on..... including all of the hype and $$ we feed into football programs everywhere... I have two boys and a girl.... all involved in football and cheer, and they love it. I hate to think of some sadist like him taking away my kids love for a sport, their love for the game and for living life. He ruined God knows how many little boys that are now growing into men with warped minds because of the hideousness he put upon them. That is the real issue here. Not how much money we feed into football programs. Who cares.... money gets fed into tons of senseless things.... and those things are NOT all faced with a sick pedafile like Sandusky! He's dead meat.... someone will get him!

  4. "money gets fed into tons of senseless things. . . "

    True. But very few of those senseless things are so blindly worshiped by so many people that they will intentionally cover for a guy like Sandusky to "protect the program." And, it isn't just Penn State that's guilty of it.

    Note that the students who rioted at Penn State the other day weren't mad that Joe had let them down. They were mad that Penn State fired him. Because that probably means Penn State will win fewer football games for a while.

    We have a priority problem here.

    And, quite frankly, I think describing what the victims endured here as having "hideousness. . . put upon them" is more hurtful than anything that has already happened to them. But, that's another subject altogether.

  5. Huh. Penn State lost their first game without Joe Paterno. . . (lower ranked Nebraska beat them by 3 in their first game since Penn State fired the coach). Guess those angry students had a pretty good reason to be upset.