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Friday, November 18, 2011

Don't Mess with Football - You Could End up Dead!

The more I read about the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky scandal, the more convinced I am that I am right. College football fans have been suckered.

Remember that I asked in a previous post why nobody had asked about the DA who "declined" to prosecute Sandusky back in 1998? Remember how I suggested that he was instructed to decline? Well, that was all before I learned that the prosecutor who declined to prosecute Sandusky disappeared and is presumed dead. That was before I learned that his laptop computer was found in a river with the hard drive removed.

That was all before I read about the death threats against black players and students at PSU in 2000 when the Lions had a black quarterback who wasn't winning very many games. Not just threats, either. A black male was found dead at the time - not sure if he was a student at PSU or not, but finding his body certainly added a lot of weight to the threats received by students on the campus. Not hard to imagine that one or two allegations that one of the football coaches was diddling little boys may have been overshadowed by other events on campus at that time.

Everything I read about this case, this story, makes me believe more firmly that there are simply too many people who believe that football matters. College football fans have thrown so much money into this machine that it actually is important to a number of powerful people - people who apparently could rape you or have you killed and get away with it. All in the name of protecting "the program" at their school.

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