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Monday, February 8, 2010

School Shooting Rumours and Speculations (and Facts)

This is a collection and analysis of everything I can find out about the shooting at Discovery Middle School. I'll update as I learn more. Not sure what's happening - possibly just an ISP issue, but some photos seem to have disappeared from this post overnight. . .

It's well known that the shooter's name is Hammad Memon. I got that from a comment on a local news posting which has most likely been deleted by now. I've been amazed at how well websites have kept this information quiet.

I also found a link to Hammad's erstwhile MySpace page: . Unfortunately the page was deleted as of 8 February 2010. Some of Hammad's posts to his friends' MySpace pages live on, however, including the following: Oct 17 2009 3:55 PM would you want a dad thats abusive as fucc? if you do, you can have mine .


Hammad Memon

Oct 17 2009 3:55 PM

would you want a dad thats abusive as fucc? if you do, you can have mine

This is just one of several posts Hammad put on his buddy's MySpace page but it probably says more about his personal/family situation than any of the others. Picture isn't too clear, but I'm sure there will be a better one in the news soon - after the certification hearing next Wednesday (2/17) where they'll decide whether to try this guy as an adult. For now, they won't even officially release his name because he's a minor.

Here's another post: Sep 9 2009 1:37 AM so whats up nigga?? what shit you been through?


Hammad Memon

Sep 9 2009 1:37 AM

so whats up nigga?? what shit you been through?

Memon is Pakistani - not black and he was definitely not raised in "the hood." This, kids, is why I go ballistic when you speak this way.

From what I've been able to piece together - and I make no promises that this is accurate - Hammad is the son of Iqbal and Safia Memon. That would be Doctor Iqbal Memon - a Pakistani pediatrician who practices in Athens and Decatur, AL. Previous residences may have included New York City and Osseo, MN. If this is the same guy, he did his medical residency in NYC. No idea what he might have been doing in Minnesota.

This was a "decent family," not "low-income trash" as many commenters on other blogs have suggested. They lived in a nice but not extravagant home in a fairly new subdivision in Madison, Alabama. There was nothing unusual about the place. A fairly nondescript mini-van was parked in the driveway. There was no other sign of life at the house when I drove by this afternoon. Frankly, it was not the sort of place I expected a doctor to live in. I'm tempted to make libelous speculations about money being sent back to Pakistan. But, I won't. The bottom line is that this shooter did not come from a "disadvantaged" background.

Other rumours: It will be very difficult to confirm this one, but it's rumoured that Hammad was removed from Liberty Middle School (which is very close to his family's home) over discipline issues, possibly involving a knife. Dr. Memon talked the school system into allowing his son to switch schools to get away from bad influences at Liberty. Apparently Hammad had been at Discovery MS since this past August.

From the website:

( )

Christopher Glover, a ninth-grader at Liberty Middle School, said the alleged shooter, a friend of his, wasn't a bad person but just got caught up in the wrong crowd. Glover said the boy transferred from Liberty Middle to Discovery this year.

"We had met back in about sixth grade," Glover said. "He wasn't a bad kid at all. He just hung out with the wrong crowds. We were like brothers."

The alleged shooter left a chilling message on his MySpace page 21 hours before the shooting: "Squirming in pain, writhing in agony.

Glover said the boy told him several months ago he had been depressed and had been asking Glover for advice.

"I told him not to worry about it, but he didn't listen to me," Glover said. "He had a strange attraction to stuff gang-related, was an avid gamer and heavily interested in African-American culture."

If Glover met Hammad in 6th Grade, they most likely met at Liberty MS. Which suggests that Glover, too, may have been "transferred" to Discovery MS at some point. Here's a picture of Glover, which makes me wonder 1) if Hammad wasn't the only one with some interest in "stuff gang-related," and 2) whether Glover himself wasn't one of "the wrong crowds." Few of Glover's 123 MySpace friends, including Hammad, looked like anyone I'd want my kids hanging around.

If I ever caught my kids posting pictures like this of themselves, they'd be standing up for a week, but apparently Glover's parents have no problem with his MySpace photos. I doubt they even know he has a MySpace page - let alone what's on it. He claims to be 18 on MySpace; apparently he's hoping nobody notices that he's only in the 9th Grade. . .

Based on his posts to Glover's MySpace page, Hammad's ominous "writhing in agony" post to his own MySpace page last Thursday may have been nothing more than Hammad's pent-up adolescent libido. Hard to tell.

There was a bail hearing on Monday 7 February to determine whether Hammad could be released on bail. His parents are Pakistani immigrants and probably hold two passports; his father is a doctor and probably has quite a lot of cash. I'm speculating that these two factors weighed heavily in the court's decision to remand Hammad to the custody of the Neaves-Davis Center for Children in Huntsville.


  1. judge hammad all you want, dude was crazy. but you can't judge Chris. I happened to have attended liberty middle school with both of these guys. I always knew hammad was off his rocker a little bit. but Chris is a normal guy. so don't go judging someone who you obviously know nothing about.

  2. @kflores33: It's not "judging" to speculate about someone based on their appearance. The sooner you learn that, kid, the easier your life will be. I know you're all full of youthful idealism and all, but people will react according to how they see you and won't really care if the first impression you make reflects the "real you" or not. I stand by my comments that your buddy Chris looks like a thug. That is not the same thing as saying he IS a thug - just that he looks like one.